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4 Reasons Every Small Business MUST Invest In Paid Advertising

Small businesses often ignore Paid advertising. They sacrifice this approach to save time and money. But, is that a good decision for your business?

Paid Advertising is like a premium feature of search engines and social media websites to put your content in front of a right audience. Now, when your content is put in front of your potential audience and your product/service is really worth the money, You will succeed no matter what.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective.

Paid advertising can generate business and grow your customer base. As you are a small business, you are starting out online and its the beginning. It might take 1-3 years to build an online image where you are receiving traffic from organic sources. Before that, you are going to have a tough time looking for organic leads.

Beyond revenue, Paid advertising can strengthen your brand image and can have a positive impact on the perception of your company. Also, news feed algorithms are constantly changing and it’s unwise to solely rely on organic sources to support your business objectives.

Here are 4 reasons you MUST invest in Paid advertising as a small business.

1. Online Advertisement is cost effective

Most small businesses think that online advertisement is expensive. A study in UK shows that Google Adwords cost $1.49 per click, while Facebook Ads were just $0.38 per click. This is very cheap when you compare it with traditional advertising you do with flyers, mailers, and board advertisements.

Another advantage is that you can track your conversions online with the help of different tools. Yes, it needs some technical knowledge or you can hire someone to take care of it for you. The question is not how you are going to do that, its when you are going to take advantage of this feature.

2. Reach your customers where they are

Online advertising can be very targeted. You can target people online which completely matches your buyer persona. This was not possible in traditional advertising because it was shown to all people in that area. But think about it, if you are selling subscription box for babies, targeting people who don’t have a baby means you are spending your money in the wrong direction.

Facebook is highly targeted as it knows almost everything about your audience. You can drive great results from Facebook marketing if you do it right. If your target audience is in Virginia, target only that specific location. That’s how advertising works online.

3. Precise and accurate targeting

The main goal of an online advertisement is to put your content in front of the right demographic and convert them into leads. Most small businesses fail to do so because they don’t know much about content marketing, lack of strategy and plans, not enough time to invest, not targeting the right audience, and no cold calling.

These are some of the reasons why you might fail in online advertisement. But, there is always a solution to every problem. Learn these skills or hire someone who has these skills.

You can target almost everything online, you just need to know where and how.

4. Quick results

Online Advertisements can drive results very quickly. It is the biggest advantage of using PPC or social media advertising. The world is shifting to their mobile phones for browsing and other things. Through online advertisement, you can tailor your ads for mobile devices and increase your reach by 84%.

You may be a little afraid to invest money online, but we all take risks all the time…So, why not try new zones for the sake of your business. Trust me, It will pay off if you get it right.


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5 content marketing strategies for travel businesses

Content marketing is all about building and nurturing relationships with customers.

Let’s talk some data to look at the bigger picture here.

Travel and Tourism industry accounted for a gross booking of $1.6 trillion in 2017.

Advancing technology and increased connectivity are just going to inflate this figure as more and more travelers will explore the world in the future.

According to Euromonitor stats, travel industry outperforms the global economy with arrivals set to grow by 3.7% and inbound receipts at a stronger rate of 4.1% over 2017, compared to world GDP at 3.5%.

Read more about Travel & Tourism in a digital sector for 2018–2020 here.

Let’s talk about some challenges faced by Travel agents/agencies these days.

Travelers can make their own booking online and websites like Expedia, booking, Airbnb are the giants in the online travel market. So, the first challenge is competition.

The second challenge is the limited customer base.

So, how exactly can you overcome these challenges? Keep reading.

What is content marketing for the Travel industry?

I bet that when you hear the words “content marketing”, you think about blogs, facebook, twitter, viral videos, etc.

But, content marketing has been in this world before the internet.

Content Marketing is all about telling stories. And we have been telling stories for as long as we started to communicate.

In a nutshell, rather than blindly creating content about every topic you can find in the travel industry, spend the time to find a small specific and targeted audience and create content for them. From there, build a relationship and watch your customer base grow.

You cannot compete with big agencies/companies for their market share because they have a ton of money that they can put into marketing.

But, content marketing can drive results even with a small budget if done properly. So, small businesses, CHEER UP.

Define your target audience, narrow it down to the potential audience and create content for them and engage them.

Here are 5 content marketing strategies to strengthen your business and generate leads.

1. Engage your customer in visual content

Visual content includes infographics, high-quality engaging pictures, videos, etc. Visual content is known for higher engagement and high CTR.

Here is an example from SNCF Europe. They wanted to promote their rail services between European countries. So, they made this cool experiental marketing video.

Be creative because the general is usually ignored.

2. Create content that is Shareable

Creating viral content asks for a little more effort. You can create a viral content easily by looking at all the viral contents that have been shared in the past. Go through those content and find out what makes them go viral.

Replicating that process and including the secret ingredient can make your content go viral too. This usually includes amazing Titles, great content with lots of useful information, etc.

This strategy will increase your website traffic (Of course you have to market it on social media in various ways).

3. Create a content marketing plan and stick to it

Most of the small businesses do not have a content marketing plan in place. This leads to inconsistency in publishing content and content can go off the road anytime.

This practice is bad for a business and it must be addressed. It does not take much time to create a content marketing plan. Give 3 hours in research and 2 hours in planning content. Put them in the content calendar and you are good to go.

4. Use Social media to share and engage

Social media is a gift for marketers. Nowadays, you can track every single movement on social media. The best way to use social media is to promote your content and build the following. This results in an increase in engagement and ultimately sales.

Social media is not about posting travel pics or articles telling “How to have fun in the sun”. It is more about building a brand and relations. Think of it like you have an existing online and what you can do to differentiate yourself from others.

Social media can drive a ton of traffic to your website. So, invest some time in learning social media and applying your learned skills.

5. Create content not for reading but for experience

Take a good look around the internet. Everyone is selling something. Now ask a question to yourself, what is the name of your favorite website in a particular niche.

Now, if you have a name, think why is it your favorite?

My answer to this question is that I did not read the content, I experienced it.

Now, the goal for you is to figure out a way to create an online experience. This is how you will build a successful business.