Ana Graham - My Personal Story - How It All Began

The journey to Graham & Associates, LLC began 5 years ago. Back in 2013, while I was employed as a full-time Executive Assistant for a large Non-profit association, I was contacted by a Board of Director that I had previously worked for to see if I had an interest in providing a few hours of support in my off hours. 

Over the months, the news of my services began to spread. Individuals and organizations in my professional and personal networks learned of my services which grew into a small client base. In 2013, when my then boss decided to retire, I decided to make the jump and make this my full-time adventure. Over the last 4 ½ years, the business has continued to grow and prosper under my leadership.

My industry experiences include Real Estate, Travel, Technology, Non-Profits, Banking, Defense Contracting, as well as Service and Niche Industries.

My affiliations include:

  • Better Business Bureau (A rated)
  • American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP)
  • International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

My hobbies include the following: genealogy, camping, fishing, bowling, meditation, and traveling. To date, I have traveled to 5 continents, 21 countries, and 36 states, and I plan to see more of it over the coming years!

About Graham & Associates

At Graham & Associates, LLC, we have a firm belief and understanding of Administrative ethics as a bedrock for success in every establishment. In fact, we take it personally.

Our team of proactive Virtual Transaction Coordinators and Virtual Executive Assistants leverage a powerful blend of experience and personal attention to meet the challenges your business faces, whatever it may be.

Our years of experience uphold our values and belief in the non-existence of a generic, cookie-cutter method with all clients. We are strongly directed by the wants of the individuals, groups, and organizations seeking our services and pay attention to detail that allows our business to create a personalized program solely aimed at the progress of every client’s interest.

At Graham & Associates, LLC, we offer a wide range of professional administrative services for those who don’t need full-time administrative support. We utilize the latest technology to deliver our services and communicate with clients by working remotely.