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5 Social media trends to look forward to in 2019- B2C

Social media trends are constantly changing. It is important to keep a track of these changes so you can adapt them sooner to reap the benefits in the future. You may have heard about some of these trends before and some may look new to you. In this post, we are going to shed some more light on each trend and explain how you can use them for your advantage.

Here are top 5 trends you should be watching out in 2019.

1. Chatbots and messenger marketing

Messenger apps are a trending way for customers to reach brands and businesses. Emails are more of a professional way but messengers are the future.

Facebook messenger is one of the top channels where customers can reach businesses without leaving the facebook. This also makes it an amazing medium for businesses to reach customers. Chatbots are becoming widely popular these days among marketers as they make interaction an experience.

Chatbots can lead a conversation with the person and yet they are just bots, but they can increase real-time engagement. CRM is now one of the most important parts of running a business. A survey by Haywire business reveals that 53% of consumers aged between 18-34 aid that they would prefer to use electronic media (email, messenger, direct text, etc.) instead of phone for customer support. Integrating a chatting like experience on your website is a plus point for you.

2. Influencer Marketing (Youtube)

All the videos that say sponsored video on youtube, they are known as influencers. Influencer marketing has been there for a long time and it seems that the area is only expanding. Influencer marketing is the new job and it works.

Basically, influencer marketing is very successful because influencers have a type of audience which is the right fit to be advertised to with personalized content and products. Take the makeup industry as an example. There are a ton of influencers who have an audience who are very interested in these products. You reach out to these influencers and pay them to showcase your product in their video. Now, you got a perfect audience which is highly targeted and there is an influencer promoting your product. Of course, it is going to sell.

3. Personalized content

puzzle pieces to place your concepts with clipping path

Personalization is the key to any type of marketing. You personalize the content for your ideal customer and you grab their attention. Solve their problems and they will pay.

Social media is changing and you have noticed it too. Go to your Facebook feed and you will find content that interests you. Social media knows what kind of content you like and you dislike. This is a good thing for customers but what about marketers? If you are running a business, you have to take this point very seriously. If your content is not personalized, you are doing it absolutely WRONG.

Many brands are ignored every day because they fail to advertise to the right audience. The money they spent on generating that content is wasted too. From now, create content that interests your audience and helps your audience. Marketing is an art, it’s so much more than just posting content on your wall.

4. Social Advertisement

Social media advertisements are improving day by day. Remember when we used to watch television and there was a movie break where they advertised us with almost everything. But, nowadays, its changed. Content is more personalized than ever and it is just going to improve in 2019.

Advertising on social media is very cheap comparing to advertising with television, radio, newspapers, etc. This new era is bringing everything online and it is a good thing. Nowadays, marketers are saving so much money and making money with targeted ads and personalized content. Many small businesses are hardwired to traditional marketing methods. But, time is changing so you have to adapt. Your competition is ahead of you.

5. Tons of video content

Video content is the most popular type of content and it will be for a very long time. Buzzsumo researched on 880 million Facebook posts and found that video content produced twice the amount of engagement in average posts. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc are all focusing on improving the experience of users when watching videos. They all know the numbers. Video is the future of content.

According to this source, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It was 63% the previous year. If you haven’t included video marketing in your marketing plan, this is the right time to add it.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

You already know how important it is for travel agents/agencies to go online. This means having a website and active social pages is just the first crucial step.

Think of yourself as a brand. Now think about your audience and plan how you can make them love your brand.

That is the key to marketing.

Online marketing is all about putting your brand in front of the right audience with the right content. Your aim should be to engage the audience with your brand and let them recognize your expertise.

Here are top 10 digital marketing tips for travel agents:

  1. Handle each social media uniquely:

    Social media is at the top nowadays and is one of the most effective modes of marketing your brand and standing out of the crowd. Top platforms include facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest. Below is the image showing what content goes on what social media.

  2. Pictures and videos are your best friends:

    Images and videos receive the most engagement on social media. Use pics with large swaths of blue in them in travel marketing. Also, posting between 11 am and noon receives higher engagement for the tourism industry.

  3. Questions are important:

    Don’t asks questions which are long to answer. Asking short interesting questions which invite the audience to like the post and leave a comment is the key. Spend time in finding these kinds of questions, which goes smoothly with your content.

  4. Viral Marketing on Instagram:

    Instagram is amazing when it comes to high definition pictures from your last arranged trip. Post fabulous pictures including some popular hashtags and tagging just the right people and you can get in front of a couple hundred/thousand eyes.

  5. Videos are always a great idea:

    If you have a website, blog or a youtube channel, creating and posting video content can help you build authority in your niche, showcase your expertise and can send a ton of traffic to your lead sign up page.

  6. So, who is your target audience?

    This is the question which plays the most important part of your business. If you don’t know who your target audience is, you are going to spend a lot of time chasing leads in a market full of competitors. You need to select your target audience and tailor your services accordingly to meet their needs. This is also going to help you compete in the market.

  7. Write from the perspective of buyer personas:

    Invest your time in creating detailed buyer personas. The more details you can add, the more effectively you can target your audience and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

  8. Trends and customer needs go together:

    Some of the biggest search trends in travel are all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly vacations, and cheap vacations. Some more trends are in the below image. Now, you need to give your customers what they want. This means tailoring your packages and offers according to their needs. Do some more research on their hobbies and include them in your package. Personalization is the new game in marketing.

  9. Targeted advertising campaigns:

    You advertising campaigns should be for a specific audience or you will lose money in attracting people who are never going to become your customer. Put your money where your target audience is. Mobile ads do great as the majority of your audience uses mobile for interacting with brands and online search.

    How Advertising Works:

    According to Larry Kim (founder of WordStream) advertising works in three steps:
    Promote: You create inspiring and memorable targetted content for your audience.
    Bias: People see your content and ads but they don’t take immediate action. BUT they do become biased.
    Win: When they have a need for your service, they are more likely to search for your brand specifically. In the case of non-branded search, they are more likely to click on your link because of the impact your advertisement had on their mind.

  10. Take Re-Marketing Seriously:

    Re-marketing can be your most valuable tool. It basically ensures that your brand is interacting with your potential audience multiple times at multiple touch points. This helps in increasing leads and ultimately sales.

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5 advantages of outsourcing social media management

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, and this list is growing. Today, being on social media is a MUST for a business of any scale. This is how the modern world is going to work. If you are still not on social media, you need to register your business right now.

Getting your business on social media is easy and requires just a few numbers of steps but what exactly to do when you are all set up?

Social media is like a tool to connect and communicate with people. If you have a business and you have a target audience, social media can do wonders for your business.

Most small businesses are not taking social media seriously because either they don’t have the knowledge or the time or both. This is when you have to sit on your planning chair and take some decisions.

Social media management of a single platform can consume several hours per month. You need to decide if you can do it yourself or outsource it.

Here are 5 advantages of outsourcing social media management.

1. You get a professional with years of experience

This is the biggest advantage you get if you have zero experience in online marketing. Rather than learning about the marketing, why not invest your energy in doing what you do best? Let these things be taken care of by the professional you hire. Marketing professionals know how to attract the audience which is most likely to do business with you. This is how you add expertise to grow your business.

2. You save a ton of time

Social media management is time-consuming. You need to research the market and tap into their life, figure out what their current interests and needs are and then find all the relevant content and post it over to the social media and interact with them. Sounds lengthy? Social media management is not a full-time job when you are a small business. But takes up several hours a week. Outsourcing this job can save a lot of time.

3. You get services apart from just social media management

Social media agencies are pretty much amazing when it comes to handling a business online. If you need a graphic design, just email them your requirements and they will find the best person for the job. So, basically, you have a virtual team in place who are just an email away.

4. Advertising online will be a lot easier for you

Nowadays, top social media platforms are a huge success for online advertising. Online advertising is amazing as it gets you results very quickly if you know what you are doing. Day by day improving target marketing is saving a huge sum of money for businesses.

5. Work smarter not harder

Hard work is when you are doing everything yourself. Smart work is when you have a partner agency who have the time, resources and expertise to manage your social media.

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4 Reasons Every Small Business MUST Invest In Paid Advertising

Small businesses often ignore Paid advertising. They sacrifice this approach to save time and money. But, is that a good decision for your business?

Paid Advertising is like a premium feature of search engines and social media websites to put your content in front of a right audience. Now, when your content is put in front of your potential audience and your product/service is really worth the money, You will succeed no matter what.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective.

Paid advertising can generate business and grow your customer base. As you are a small business, you are starting out online and its the beginning. It might take 1-3 years to build an online image where you are receiving traffic from organic sources. Before that, you are going to have a tough time looking for organic leads.

Beyond revenue, Paid advertising can strengthen your brand image and can have a positive impact on the perception of your company. Also, news feed algorithms are constantly changing and it’s unwise to solely rely on organic sources to support your business objectives.

Here are 4 reasons you MUST invest in Paid advertising as a small business.

1. Online Advertisement is cost effective

Most small businesses think that online advertisement is expensive. A study in UK shows that Google Adwords cost $1.49 per click, while Facebook Ads were just $0.38 per click. This is very cheap when you compare it with traditional advertising you do with flyers, mailers, and board advertisements.

Another advantage is that you can track your conversions online with the help of different tools. Yes, it needs some technical knowledge or you can hire someone to take care of it for you. The question is not how you are going to do that, its when you are going to take advantage of this feature.

2. Reach your customers where they are

Online advertising can be very targeted. You can target people online which completely matches your buyer persona. This was not possible in traditional advertising because it was shown to all people in that area. But think about it, if you are selling subscription box for babies, targeting people who don’t have a baby means you are spending your money in the wrong direction.

Facebook is highly targeted as it knows almost everything about your audience. You can drive great results from Facebook marketing if you do it right. If your target audience is in Virginia, target only that specific location. That’s how advertising works online.

3. Precise and accurate targeting

The main goal of an online advertisement is to put your content in front of the right demographic and convert them into leads. Most small businesses fail to do so because they don’t know much about content marketing, lack of strategy and plans, not enough time to invest, not targeting the right audience, and no cold calling.

These are some of the reasons why you might fail in online advertisement. But, there is always a solution to every problem. Learn these skills or hire someone who has these skills.

You can target almost everything online, you just need to know where and how.

4. Quick results

Online Advertisements can drive results very quickly. It is the biggest advantage of using PPC or social media advertising. The world is shifting to their mobile phones for browsing and other things. Through online advertisement, you can tailor your ads for mobile devices and increase your reach by 84%.

You may be a little afraid to invest money online, but we all take risks all the time…So, why not try new zones for the sake of your business. Trust me, It will pay off if you get it right.


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5 content marketing strategies for travel businesses

Content marketing is all about building and nurturing relationships with customers.

Let’s talk some data to look at the bigger picture here.

Travel and Tourism industry accounted for a gross booking of $1.6 trillion in 2017.

Advancing technology and increased connectivity are just going to inflate this figure as more and more travelers will explore the world in the future.

According to Euromonitor stats, travel industry outperforms the global economy with arrivals set to grow by 3.7% and inbound receipts at a stronger rate of 4.1% over 2017, compared to world GDP at 3.5%.

Read more about Travel & Tourism in a digital sector for 2018–2020 here.

Let’s talk about some challenges faced by Travel agents/agencies these days.

Travelers can make their own booking online and websites like Expedia, booking, Airbnb are the giants in the online travel market. So, the first challenge is competition.

The second challenge is the limited customer base.

So, how exactly can you overcome these challenges? Keep reading.

What is content marketing for the Travel industry?

I bet that when you hear the words “content marketing”, you think about blogs, facebook, twitter, viral videos, etc.

But, content marketing has been in this world before the internet.

Content Marketing is all about telling stories. And we have been telling stories for as long as we started to communicate.

In a nutshell, rather than blindly creating content about every topic you can find in the travel industry, spend the time to find a small specific and targeted audience and create content for them. From there, build a relationship and watch your customer base grow.

You cannot compete with big agencies/companies for their market share because they have a ton of money that they can put into marketing.

But, content marketing can drive results even with a small budget if done properly. So, small businesses, CHEER UP.

Define your target audience, narrow it down to the potential audience and create content for them and engage them.

Here are 5 content marketing strategies to strengthen your business and generate leads.

1. Engage your customer in visual content

Visual content includes infographics, high-quality engaging pictures, videos, etc. Visual content is known for higher engagement and high CTR.

Here is an example from SNCF Europe. They wanted to promote their rail services between European countries. So, they made this cool experiental marketing video.

Be creative because the general is usually ignored.

2. Create content that is Shareable

Creating viral content asks for a little more effort. You can create a viral content easily by looking at all the viral contents that have been shared in the past. Go through those content and find out what makes them go viral.

Replicating that process and including the secret ingredient can make your content go viral too. This usually includes amazing Titles, great content with lots of useful information, etc.

This strategy will increase your website traffic (Of course you have to market it on social media in various ways).

3. Create a content marketing plan and stick to it

Most of the small businesses do not have a content marketing plan in place. This leads to inconsistency in publishing content and content can go off the road anytime.

This practice is bad for a business and it must be addressed. It does not take much time to create a content marketing plan. Give 3 hours in research and 2 hours in planning content. Put them in the content calendar and you are good to go.

4. Use Social media to share and engage

Social media is a gift for marketers. Nowadays, you can track every single movement on social media. The best way to use social media is to promote your content and build the following. This results in an increase in engagement and ultimately sales.

Social media is not about posting travel pics or articles telling “How to have fun in the sun”. It is more about building a brand and relations. Think of it like you have an existing online and what you can do to differentiate yourself from others.

Social media can drive a ton of traffic to your website. So, invest some time in learning social media and applying your learned skills.

5. Create content not for reading but for experience

Take a good look around the internet. Everyone is selling something. Now ask a question to yourself, what is the name of your favorite website in a particular niche.

Now, if you have a name, think why is it your favorite?

My answer to this question is that I did not read the content, I experienced it.

Now, the goal for you is to figure out a way to create an online experience. This is how you will build a successful business.

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Travel agent marketing | How to get a Consistent Flow of Clients

It is important that you market your business as a travel agent online. This includes maintaining your website, Social media, CRM, blogs, and Emails.

It all starts by building a marketing plan and defining your goals. The goal can be getting more clients, establishing brand image, driving website traffic, increasing sales revenue, etc.

In this article, I will be focusing on some effective marketing efforts that you can start putting right away to get a consistent flow of clients.

Bringing clients is essential for all travel agencies/agents. If you are a travel agent, you will have to face a lot of competition in the market.

The good news is, the travel industry is exploding and this explosion is bringing in many new opportunities. This article is about using a mix of online and offline marketing to maximize growth and expand your client base.

So, here are the top marketing ideas and strategies for travel agents and agencies.

Online travel marketing is tough. 

The competition is very high. Let’s talk about the first page of google.

Try typing the keyword “travel agent” on google. You will find around 1,790,000,000 results. That’s close to 1.8 billion search results for this keyword.

Research shows that the first page receives 95% of the traffic. So, 5% is left for 1,780,999,999 results. It’s scary.

Unless you are on the first page, you are going to have a hard time getting organic traffic for this keyword.

Online competition is tough, but, strategic planning and implementation can let you have a small piece of the gigantic pie.

Step one

The first step is to set up a decent website which must be mobile optimized. Most of the travel searches come from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized, you are missing out on some very potential leads. 50% of your visitors are going to browse your website through mobile.

Publish a new blog post every week which is search engine optimized. At the end of the article, include a direct call to action. By the time someone has submitted his contact information, he has read about you and your services.

Remember to make at least three client persona which you will be targeting. Without a buyer persona, your marketing will be like shooting arrows in the dark.

Here’s a reference for you.

Say you are targeting bankers who work 4am-12 pm a day. So, you will be targeting them with your online marketing when they are browsing on the internet. Your research has to be in-depth like finding their interests, their favorite blogs, their type of destination, their income, etc.

How is this going to help you? Simple, when they are planning for a vacation and you have already shown them an amazing itinerary within their budget, they are more likely to buy from you. The secret here is to grab his attention with an amazing article or blog post that he has to save your web address for future reference.

“About half of my leads are generated through my website,” said Fazendin, family travel designer with Tafari travel.

Step two

The second step will be to establish your image on all relevant social platforms and getting active on all of them. The goal will be to build up a following and entertain them while marketing your services. You need to start posting on social media to let your audience know that you are not an average travel agent and that you work to create experiences for them not regular trips. This is how you are going to differentiate your self from the crowd.

You have to create great content for your social media and they all must be targeted for the kind of audience you are trying to attract.

If you have an advertising budget, invest it in social media and advertise your services online. Nowadays, advertising can be highly targeted. Social giants like Facebook have an amazing bank of data that you can use to find a relevant audience and targeting them with your ads. This method is very effective if implemented correctly and can drive a lot of leads.

Now that you have your online presence, its time to focus on things that really drive sales.

Most travel agents are lost in webinars, seminars, and certifications and then think that now they will get clients. If it’s you, you will have to take a step back and rethink this strategy. Believe it or not, you are not going to get clients until you seriously start searching for them.

Read 4 tips to stay ahead DIGITALLY in travel and tourism industry

There are a number of ways you can use to find clients.

The most effective way is to ask for referrals. Everyone is using social media and emails to connect with your clients. You can do some things a little differently. Say you just arranged a trip for your client to Europe. This client is very happy and refreshed when he returns back. What you can do is send him an email asking for his travel experiences which you can post on your social media. He is surely going to send you some of his best pics. Now, you can write a handwritten thank you note and ask him about a single referral.

When a client is happy and excited, he is more willing to help you help his friend who needs a vacation. This is how you can use the referral program effectively. You just need to learn how to leverage the power of referral. In return, you can reward your client with Starbucks gift cards, or a discount coupon for their future travel.

Warm marketing is always more effective than cold marketing in the travel industry. Travel agents rely on referral and repeat business mostly. If you want to increase your client base, you need to learn to market yourself strategically. Using both online and offline marketing can produce great results.

Little about our marketing agency.

We are a small team of professional marketers who know exactly what your business needs in terms of marketing. We can help you save a lot of time by automating your online marketing completely so you can focus on things that drive more business.

Contact us here to get a free consultation. 😊

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4 tips to stay ahead DIGITALLY in travel and tourism industry

Travel and tourism is a burgeoning industry growing at a rate higher than any previous years. This industry has outperformed the global economy, which grew at 3% in 2017 which was the best year for the travel industry.

Statistics show that by 2028, Travel & Tourism is expected to generate more than 400 million jobs globally. This means that 1 in 9 of all jobs will be created by this sector.

The data proves that the industry is booming and the main reason for this growth? You guessed it right, internet.

More and more people are connecting to the internet and they rely on this technology for all their questions and queries. The 2017 Global Economic Impact and Issues Report showed that over 80% of travel planning is through the internet, and 33% of users use travel blogs for advice.

The main objective of this blog post is to address the problems of travel agents who are finding it hard to cope up with the advancing technology and changing trends.

So, here are 5 tips that you can use to grow your business.

1. Use social media the right way

Social media is your new playground. This is where millions of potential customers are hanging out daily. The audience there is growing and they need much more than just links to your products and offers. Social media is not “one size fits all”. First, you have to research your target audience and find out what topics do they follow and what inspires them. In the travel industry, it’s important to post fabulous images of some amazing destinations to inspire travel. This strategy never gets old.

Next, you can include tips and advice that you can offer your audience to establish your brand as a knowledge resource. You can also post polls and questions to know your audience better.

The social media is like a gold mine. Marketing your business in the right direction can give great results.

2. Content Marketing to build trust

Content marketing is on the rise these days. This is where money and focus is and this is exactly where you should be focusing too. You should start by writing inspiring content for your potential audience and start building trust.

There are a lot of choices for travels to choose from. Decreasing customer loyalty is on the rise in this industry and if you are not ahead in the market, this single challenge can show you a hard time.

Creating useful content for your potential customers can take you on a path to build a loyal audience. This is where the magic happens. But, people can easily spot a marketer and trust me, they hate sales content.

But, there is a get around method to approach the goal. That method is to be yourself and distinguish your voice from the others. Don’t try to sell your services instead produce content that will help and entertain your audience for good. Customer loyalty has to be earned and it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to put some efforts into it.

3. Dominate the niche, not the market

A few travel agencies dominate the market leaving individual agents and small agencies with little to just survive. The secret to beating this hurdle is in the strategy itself. Don’t try to attract all the travels online towards your website. Instead, research the market and find out the niche in the travel industry which is less dominated and you can rank easily in that niche.

Now, what will happen?

When you are targeting the niche which is less competitive, you will gain quality leads online which will strengthen your business. The rise of travel personalization in the market is a blessing for you. Use it wisely.

4. Your digital presence must be mobile optimized

This one is a no-brainer. Below is the percentage of people who research their travel on their mobile phone.

Source: Google Consumer Insights, 2018.

Most of the travel agents don’t even have a website and they rely on foot traffic which is declining day by day. This is time to invest in building your online presence which is mobile optimized. This is going to be the best investment you will ever make for your business. If you do have a website, start optimizing it for all devices.

A little introduction about our company

We are a group of professionals and we help people like you to establish your brand online. Travel and tourism industry is a fast-growing sector and not all travel agents have the luxury to take out few hours from their work and invest it online to build a brand. We understand this need and we offer our expertise to take your brand and make it successful.

Anyway, we will be posting a ton of self-help articles to help you grow your business. Stay tuned 🙃

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What Can Social Media Management Do for Your Business?

What is social media?

We hear social media all day and we all are connected to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Digg, Reddit, etc. The term ‘Social Media’ is used so vaguely today that some people like to say that all websites are social media. Some people have a restrictive view of social media and equate it with social networking. They don’t consider blogs as a part of social media.

Let’s break down the term into two parts to get a better understanding of this whole topic.

Social: The term ‘social’ refers to sharing information with others and getting information from them.

Media: The term ‘media’ is like an instrument of communication. Newspapers, TV, radio are different instruments of communication but the largest of all is the INTERNET.

Social media is a very broad term. It is a web-based communication tool that acts as a medium to let people connect and communicate with each other.

According to, In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

So, how exactly people are using social media for their businesses? Its simple, “Go where your customers are hanging out”. Today, businesses are leveraging the technology to get more customers. In this post, you are going to get a deep understanding of social media and how you can use it to grow your business.

What is Social Media management?

In this era, customers like to follow brands and businesses online. They interact with them via twitter, facebook, etc and they hope for a faster and professional response. Engaging with your audience on social media is important than ever.

Small businesses often lack in this field because of limited resources or lack of time to manage their online profiles. This is where social media tools come in.

Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools are designed to make the management of social media easier. Through these tools, you can manage your campaigns and conversations from one interface which saves a lot of time. These tools are often very affordable with monthly or yearly subscription and some of them are free to use.

Here is a list of social media management tools that you can use right away:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Hubspot
  3. IFTTT
  4. MeetEdgar
  5. Buffer
  6. SproutSocial
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Knowem
  9. Humans
  10. Sprinklr

How is social media management going to help your business?

With social media management, you are going to:

  1. Manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms.
  2. Analyse the social media to know what your customers really want.
  3. You can schedule posts to keep your profile updated so that you don’t lose engagement with your followers.
  4. Receive and monitor requests and complaints to improve your product or services.
  5. Build up a brand online and going worldwide.

Social media opens up a ton of opportunities that businesses can grab to cut up marketing costs and target their customers with right demographics. It is going to save time, save money, increase authority, understanding your audience, take control of your brand’s reputation, etc.

So, How exactly can you start this up?

Social media management is a full-time job because it consists of so many parts that need to be focused. You can use the tools mentioned above to manage your social presence and engage with your customers.

The first thing you have to do is:

  1. Set up your business on all major social media channels. This includes facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, google +, etc. Small tip: You don’t need to be posting on all of these social channels; analyze your business and find the right audience. Then, find out which social channels your right audience is hanging out. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Next, you have to sign up for a management tool and connect all your social media profiles to this tool. Now you can access all the profiles from one single interface.
  3. Make a content curation strategy. You can’t just post anything on your social media. The content has to make sense to the customer who is expecting niche related content from you. Try a mix up of content, post some niche related posts followed by some entertaining posts for fun. This will make your social profile interesting.
  4. When you have built up your following, leverage it to market new products or services. The whole idea here to provide quality to your followers and build trust with them.

I don’t have enough time for management; How much will it cost to hire an agency?

Digital Marketing services are a great way to add value to your business. The cost can vary on various factors like:

  1. Size of your company
  2. How often you want to post?
  3. Type of services you require
  4. Platforms you want to maintain
  5. Level of analytics you need
  6. If you want to provide customer service through social media

Get a personalized quote for social media management today by contacting us from here.



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7 Amazing Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

This article is going to show you the top 7 marketing strategies you must use to grow your business. It does not matter whether you run a coffee shop, a small consulting business, travel agency, etc. These strategies are going to help you without breaking your bank. You are also going to find some free tools and strategies to help you compete with big giants in the market.

So, here are the 7 strategies.

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of strategies used to rank higher in the search results. So, This is the first thing where you need to focus from the day one. You will be doing some keyword researches and then utilizing to keywords to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You are not going to see results from the day one but eventually, it will pay off in a long run. By using SEO, you will be forwarding a targeted traffic straight to your website. This means free traffic.

2. Landing Page Optimization

Your landing pages are a place where visitors convert into customers. This is the place where you must focus to provide information that coverts those visitors. To give you an idea on conversion, best advertisers achieve a conversion rate of 10% or more.

If you have a landing page, you should start analyzing it. You will have to focus on the design of the page, an awesome offer, catchy headline and people saying “it was worth”. This is all its going to take to leave an impression and convert them for real.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook is nowadays a giant advertising platform. But, it’s not pocket-friendly to advertise when your business is in the first stage. Facebook pages are a great way to build an audience and following, but, the content you will post is not going to reach all of them.

This is where facebook group comes in. Statistics show that Facebook groups are more effective than facebook pages when it comes to reaching a niche market. So, start building up a group right away.

4. Build online connections

Start getting involved in online forums and discussions. It is a great way to spread your words about your brand. Some sites to get involved in are Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, etc. Building your reputation online can help you in many ways. You will gain a level of credibility by showcasing your knowledge and skills online. Get online now and you will reap the benefits later.

5. Email Marketing

Email lists are overlooked by small businesses all the time. An email list can do wonders for your business if used properly. Marketers consider email marketing as a top medium for lead generation. According to statistics, for every $1 spent on an email campaign, companies achieve an average of $44 in ROI.

Clickthrough rates are amazing in email marketing. People are more likely to read emails than social media posts.

There are so many platforms for email automation like MailChimp and Constant Contact. You can use their free templates to design the email and even schedule it to send at a particular time.

6. Post craigslist ads

Statistically, there are more than 600 million people who visit Craigslist each month. There is so much potential on this website that is often overlooked. It is basically a fee place where you can put your ads for people to search. The platform is designed to be searched on the basis of location. This means that the audience who will be reaching out to you will be location targeted. It’s a win-win situation. It is mostly used for localized marketing efforts.

A basic Craigslist ad with the right images can help your business drive sales. It can be renewed after 30 days for an additional 90 days. And then you can repost it.

7. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the most amazing way to reach the target audience and also to lose your money fast. You need to be very specific about the audience to whom you are going to show that ad.

You can show ads on search engines like google by using Adwords, social sites like Facebook, etc. Invest your money in the right place and it can do wonders for your business.

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7 Reasons Why Social Media is important for Small Businesses

The social media industry is booming like never before. With more and more people joining social sites, the marketing is bound to shift completely online in coming years.

As a business owner, you may have convinced yourself that your business is doing great the way it is right now. But, truth to be told, you are missing out on many benefits that social media can offer for your business.

Before moving forward, let’s look at some statistics.

There are more than 4 billion people (4.021 billion to be precise – 2108) around the world using the internet. This means over half of the world’s population is online. The number of social media users in 2018 is 3.196 billion, and this number is increasing at the rate of 13% each year.

Data also shows that people are spending more and more time on social media. Users are using social media for various purposes like following their favorite brands, news, entertainment, and to stay updated in the industry.

Now, let’s look at the top 7 reasons why social media is important for your business and how you can benefit by having your presence online.

1. Cost-effective Marketing

Social media makes marketing easy compared to traditional marketing. Social media Marketing is free as you can create an account and start building followings. However, if you plan to use paid advertising, start small and look for things that work for your business.

It doesn’t matter what your business is selling, there is always an audience for your niche. Reaching potential customers on social media is easy. You can invest some time and money into social media and it can do wonders for your business if done right.

2. Brand Awareness


Small businesses often find it difficult to spread their name across their targeted demographic. With the help of social media, it becomes easy to increase brand awareness and build a following. The general rule of marketing states “Go where your customers are”. As more than half the world’s population is online, there is no better place than social media to grab new attention.

Millions of businesses are solely operating via Social media. 60% of Instagram users say that they discover new products on this platform. Many reputable CMO’s agree that social media impact brand awareness and loyalty.

3. Engagement with potential customers

Designing the content for your social media is a very important step. The content must be entertaining, educating, relevant for both your business and audience. By putting in effort into social media, you will earn engagement and ultimately leads because you are attracting relevant traffic which is ready to convert.

Engagement leads to higher conversion rates. Brands have this great opportunity to act like people do on social media. This allows them to build trust and credibility in their brand.

4. Increased traffic

Social media posts are a great way to generate traffic and bring new visitors to their storefront. You can generate even foot traffic by using social media. For example, you just opened a coffee shop and you posted a video of your new shop along with a link to your website and directions to your shop. Now, you showed this post to coffee lovers living in driving distance from your shop. Can you imagine how much traffic you can get from a single post?

This is one of the many ways to grow your business. Social media helps small businesses to get discovered by people who are looking for that kind of service.

5. Understanding your audience

Traditional marketing has a negative point when it comes to listening to their audience. Social media is a place where customers can interact with business in real time. This allows businesses to learn what their customers are actually looking for. This way, they can improve their services and offer exactly what their audience wants.

Some of the questions which can be answered by listening to your audience are:

  1. What products do they like and dislike?
  2. What hobbies do they have?
  3. What kind of posts do they like and share?
  4. What parts of the business can be improved or what new services can be added?

6. Active social media builds relationship and trust with your audience

Social media is more of a place to interact than a marketing platform. Most businesses try to hard sell their services on social media.

In reality, customers don’t want to be pitched all the time. This is why it is important to provide the content which adds value to their life. This can really transform your brand and build trust among your followers. Provide them with something which can help solve their problem and they will automatically buy from you. The idea here is to build a relationship, not a sales page.

7. Unbeatable ROI

When it comes to advertising, social media can offer best ROI (Return On Investment). Almost all major platforms offer paid advertisement and they are really good at targeting. Targeting refers to selecting a group of people with relevant interest and specific demographic which are ready to convert. Social Media makes it super easy to customize factors like age, location, education level, industry and even behavior.

But remember, paid advertising can be a little tricky sometimes. You may spend a little and get an amazing result or you may invest a lot with no returns. Be careful and keep learning.