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Virtual Assistant Services by Graham & Associates

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides administrative support and other relative services to executive professionals and businesses from a remote location.

Why use a virtual assistant?

Having a virtual assistant is guaranteed to get you a step ahead within your business and professional career. With the modern world leaning more towards technology, we now don’t have to be face to face to efficiently work together. Are you looking for help with a budget in mind? Instead of maintaining a full-time employee, focus on delegating tasks in a more hyper-focused and organized way through a virtual assistant. Do you know what you need help with and exactly how a virtual assistant can help? Increase your productivity by saving time, managing your own important tasks, instead of managing minor tasks an assistant can do.

A virtual assistant will quickly prove to you it’s a smart investment because it will alleviate stress. How far can you go if you had support? Too frequently, busy entrepreneurs and small businesses take on too much trying to do their work all alone. Prevent burn out, you don’t have to do it all.

Benefits of using a virtual assistant

  • Increase productivity, efficiency, sales, and organization - Having an assistant lets you focus on your true professional skills, it’s inevitable your sales and productivity will increase.
  • Save time by only working on your most important tasks. Using a virtual assistant will help you delegate nonpriority tasks that someone else can do.
  • Save money. Compared to using a full-time employee, using a virtual assistant saves you overhead charges such as office, employee insurance, and lets you be flexible with the work and hours you hire assistants.
  • Create flexibility and change to your business - Having extra support means you can do things differently. Start creating new business protocols with an assistant to create processes that work and save time.

Why work with us?

Graham & Associates can transform your workday. With 20+ years of professional experience, we proudly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Support means something very important to us. By maintaining a small internal team, we go above and beyond by providing that extra one on one attention our clients deserve. We remember, pay attention, and most importantly, listen. With an array of clients, we are confident we can help you accomplish more and manage less in your career. Instead of a never-ending busy streak, we’ll transform that time into productivity, order, and growth. We have a strong background in the travel industry, with personal connections within the largest US travel retail association (ASTA). We are also experienced in other industries such as Real Estate, Administration, Data Base Management, Marketing, and Event and Management planning, and more. To learn more about previous clients and testimonials here.

Check out our video on Virtual Executive Assistant Services

How to Get Started with our Virtual Assistant Services

To get started involves just 2 main steps: A Needs Assessment to get to know you and your business and a Complimentary Consultation to define your overall business problems, needs, and a strategy to resolve all issues.

Needs Assessment

Our goal is to take your business to the next level by streamlining and managing your support needs, while at the same time providing personalized recommendations for growth. Your responses on the Needs Assessment will provide us with the bigger picture of where you are currently, and what goals you would like to accomplish in the near future. With this understanding and your commitment to the process, we can discuss the ways in which we can help you arrive there much sooner than you would on your own and what we can handle on your behalf. The first step is to complete the Needs Assessment followed by a complimentary consultation. We are unable to recommend a plan and quote you a price until you complete the assessment.

Proposal with Pricing

Our fee is commensurate with our reputation and the high caliber results we provide. The extra hours you will have in your schedule to dedicate to your core strengths and clients, as well as an expected increase in business, should begin to show a return on this investment as early as the second month.

Complimentary Consultation

During our consultation, I will share work examples and demonstrate how we can manage your needs. We will then discuss how we can best work together to meet your personal needs, whether it is a monthly package of services, a package of hours, or individual assignments. My intentions for our discussion are:

  • To understand what’s currently not working for you in your business;
  • To define your specific support needs; and
  • To share with you how we can take your business to the next level of success.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy; we have a system to acquire all the information necessary without it being a daunting proposition for you. You don’t need to get better organized first! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Following the acceptance of our proposal, an Agreement for Services and Payment Authorization Form will be emailed to you.
  • Within one business day, you will receive via email our ‘Getting Started’ form.
  • Once we receive this form from you, we will send you a ‘Welcome’ email and we can get started right away!

All you have to do now is to decide when you’re ready and we will make it happen!