You have come a long way from launching your business and making it a full-time job. As a small business owner, You would want to generate more leads and bring in customers to grow and scale your business. The best thing that happens when you start from nothing is that by now, you have a loyal relationship with your customers.

You invested your time in strengthening your skills and now you are confident that your product or service is actually the best that your business can offer.

Now, the question which arises at this point is “How can I grow my customer base and bring in more business?”.

From better networking to marketing tactics, use these five tips and watch your business grow quickly.

1. Go where your customers are.

Networking and referrals are not only a cheap way to get more businesses but it is also a most effective way to land customers with high retention rates. Referral customers tend to do more business with you over time and they can become a real asset to your business.

So, how do you find referrals? Easy, you need to have a clear idea of what your ideal customer is. Then, look at their daily schedule, how they are spending their time, places they usually visit and the kind of people they talk to. You would get a better understanding of them and then develop a marketing strategy to approach them with your offer and services.

2. Get online to reach leads

It is very important for your business to get online. You need to have a website, a social media page, and a listing of your business in local directories. People nowadays want to search you online before contacting you. Now imagine, if you have a decent website with a decent following and happy customer base, what are your chances of getting a client?

You guessed it right, it means your business is growing. Scaling up a business takes time, dedication and patience. If you don’t know how to take your business online, contact us from our website and we will provide you free counseling.

3. Give something for free

You need to focus on your own products and services to meet the needs and wants of your ideal customer. Now approach that customer with something free in hand. It can be anything from free first service or an attractive offer at a very low price.

Nothing is more interesting for a customer like a freebie. It can also be a free trial of your product or service. Offer them something free and watch them banging on your door. This is also an amazing technique to build a relationship with your customer. Always remember, customers are the lifeline of your business, take care of them well.

4. Start referral discounts

You must be having some customers right now and you can ask them for their help in growing your business. Ask them to refer your product or service with their colleagues or friends or business partners and return, give them a discount on their next invoice. It’s as simple as that.

When you get a referral, start by investing time to understand their business and objective. Write them a personalized email telling them how can you add value to their business.

5. Twitter, LinkedIn & Online advertisement = more clients

You should have your profile on Twitter and LinkedIn. They both are an amazing platform to meet new people and generating more opportunities. The best thing about this tip is that it can all be done with just a laptop or your mobile phone.

You just need to be looking at the right place. Find out where your potential customers hang out online. Introduce yourself, understand their needs and wants and offer them your service to solve their current problem. They will be glad that you approached them in the very first place to offer your help.

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